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Kalk King Kalkwasser Doser Stirrer Calcium Hydroxide reactor is available at your local stores. If you don't find it there, ask the store owner to contact kong@algaemower.com

Available Now: KALK KING 2nd Generation! Stirring is outside the chamber for years of trouble free operation. More control modes (See supplemental manual at the bottom of this page).  GREAT DEAL!

Kalk King Doser system includes:
  • Computer controlled kalkwasser mixer + stirrer
  • Computer controlled Variable rate water auto top off
  • Accurate pH controller
  • Magnet easy-mount float switch
  • Premium check valves
  • All accessories to hook everything up

Kalk King 2 minutes Introduction:


Reef builders reviews: (Note: they misquoted the MSRP pricing!)



Everything you want to learn about Kalk King Kalkwasser Doser is here

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Kalk King kalkwasser doser stirrer reactor is a complete automatic calcium hydroxide doser  / Nelson reactor plus smart auto top off system brought to you by e-Fins; the same maker of the popular Algae Mower Vac, the winner of the www.reefbuilders.com editor’s choice for best products of the year 2012!

Kalkwasser (calcium hydroxide) usage was introduced in the 70’s to coral reef keeping hobbyists. Although it provides a complete answer to maintain the calcium (CA++) and bicarbonate (HCO3--) ions vital to the success of keeping any corals in aquariums especially the SPS corals, its usage has been limited because of the following reasons:

1)     Kalkwasser has a very high PH value of over 12 which can damage or kill any inhabitant in the aquarium if overdosed!

2)     It is a near water insoluble compound that needs to be well mixed prior to dosing it into the aquarium

3)     To take full advantage of the potent elements of CA++ and HCO3--, the saturated clear solution has to be slowly and steadily dripped into the aquarium

4)     Dosing equipment is expensive, inconsistent, hard to control, prone to failure and no fail-safe mechanisms

5)     Hard to know and control the amount of dosing

6)     Not easy for an average hobbyist to master the act of administration

 Not anymore with the e-Fins smart Kalk King kalkwasser Doser + ATO system. The patent pending innovative microcomputer controlled kalkwasser  doser with variable-rate water auto top off system takes all the complexity away from you and allows you to cheaply and safely maintain the most stable aquarium where vital pH, calcium, KH and salinity  are all automatically replenished and maintained!

Once Kalk King  Doser + ATO system is installed in minutes, the vital and yet cumbersome process of maintaining pH, salinity, calcium  and KH levels for every vivid and successful saltwater fish / coral aquarium becomes a child’s play!  

Thanks to Kalk King Doser’s smart Computer Control Unit that constantly monitors your tank’s pH and water levels for reliable delivery of clear saturated kalkwasser solution or flesh water slowly and safely into your aquarium. 

With everything under control and fail-safe features against overdosing, float switch stuck, tank leak and even reservoir dry situations, the only tasks would be to add kalkwasser once every few weeks into the easy-to-open reaction chamber while system can still be running and to refill freshwater reservoir with filtered / RO water as needed!

he extra benefits of precipitating phosphate (PO4) to keep corals & fish healthier, enhancing protein skimmer efficiency and fewer outbreaks of nuisance algae come free with the dosing of kalkwasser from KK8 system.


Don’t be overwhelmed by the tremendous capabilities of the Kalk King Doser system! Out of the box with no adjustment required other than calibrating the pH probe and setting the pH limit to 8.3, KK8 just works AS IS for any of your tanks! In additional, Kalk King does power up functional check all major components before use. Your pets will show their best health and colors to you in no time!

Here is the user instruction manual:
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Here is the supplemental manual for 2nd generation Kalk King Doser
KK 2nd Generation Supplemental User Manual.pdf
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