Kalkwasser Doser + Smart Auto Top Off 

Operation Info

 1)      Submerse only the lower half of the pH probe into water for correct and stable reading if your pH probe is not a light green colored one or doesn't come with insulation tape or heat shrink wrap like shown in the following photo. 

If you have to totally submerse the pH probe, get some electrical tape from a hardware store and wrap the junction between the pH cap and the long body with 5 tight turns. You may also need to plug the entry cable and a little hole near the top of the cap with some epoxy glue too!

2)     pH meter does not have to be powered ON for the Kalk King system to operate. Its function is just let you see the current pH value or set up pH limit. Therefore, if you are running it with battery, only turn it on when you want to observe the pH value. Of course, you can keep it on all the time if you run the meter with the AC / DC adapter.

3)     When the slurry milky area reaches the upper half of the reaction chamber during stirring instead of at the bottom half, it means that it is time to refill kalkwasser powder. See the instruction manual for recommended amount.

4)     During the first couple months, the mixing / stirring pump may produce some noise due to imbalance. It will go away once it get used to the kalkwasser powder weight. If it becomes annoying to you, you can decrease the # of mixing cycle per day. With continuous stirring action that guarantees saturated kalkwasser solution all the time, you can set the mixing cycle to once every 12 hours by using command # 2. See my video if you need help to run the command.

5)     The reason you need a constant stirrer for kalkwasser is that there is a fixed amount that can be disolved into a gallon of water (about 3 grams or 1 teaspoon per gallon). So, putting more kalkwasser powder into the reaction chamber does not make stronger kalkwasser solution.

If your evaporation rate is 1 gallon / day, I would put in 14 teaspoons (3 x 14 = 42 grams) of kalkwasser powder per week. You can put in 2 weeks supply at one time if you want to. No worry about changing your current established ca and alk # by putting in extra kalkwasser powder. In fact more kalkwasser powder will make sure that the solution is always at the same saturated form or degree.