Kalkwasser Doser + Smart Auto Top Off 

Parts List & Features


IMG_2688.JPGAcrylic kalkwasser reaction chamber (KK.001) with no outlet tube set installed

But with the MIX pump (KK.002) and specially designed spray bar (KK.003) already installed

With YELLOW marked cable end


M_meter.jpgpH meter  (KK.007)

Temperature compensated

With battery & mounting bracket


M_controller.jpgKalk King Computer Control Unit  CCU  (KK.004)


M_probe.jpgpH probe with 6-foot cable. 6.86 & 4.0 calibration power included (KK.008) Need calibration before use


M_Feed_pump.tifFEED pump (KK.005)

With RED marked cable ends for easy pump identification (6-foot cable)


M_BNC.jpgBNC cable (KK.09)  6-foot  cable pH meter to CCU computer


M_bypass_pump.tifBYPASS pump (KK.006)

 With BLUE marked cable ends for easy pump identification (6-foot cable)


M_cvalve.jpg Qty 2: Check valve + 1.5” tubing (KK.010)

Help Kalk King control flow rate for FEED and BYPASS pumps


IMG_2685.JPGQty 2: white 200 micron filter bags (KK.011)

House the FEED and BYPASS pumps for filtering flesh water from the water reservoir before reaching the reaction chamber of your tank!


IMG_2708.JPG12-foot hose


Cut to length for FEED & BYPASS pump to chamber & tank


IMG_2765.JPGSquare magnet in protective bag (KK.012)

Outside tank strong magnet to hold the float switch assembly in place. Handle strong magnet with care!




Mates with reaction chamber outlet. Easy to remove for cleaning when  required


M_float1.jpgFloat switch (KK.013) assembly

With L-shape e-Fins magnetic bracket

(KK.014). Float switch (KK.015)

Position the float switch at the water level that you want to maintain in the sump. Make sure the float switch is always vertical and nothing around to prevent the float cylinder from going up and down freely! Both upright and upside down orientation are supported


IMG_2731.JPG6-inch hose


Use as required if the L-tube outlet is too far away from the water surface. Cut to length to fit your situation. Use on side of the white L-tube with scotch tape already wrapped on it for best fitting! Leave the end about 0.5 to 1 inch above water surface!


M_levelscrew.jpg3 leveling screws


For leveling the reaction chamber against the tank or sump back


IMG_2716.JPG+12V AC/DC wall   (KK.022) Power the computer control

unit (with 2.1mm center hole)


M_butterfly.jpg4 butterfly screws


For closing the lid on the reaction chamber

With silicone rubber o-ring installed


IMG_2715.JPG+6V AC /DC wall adapter  (KK.023) Power the pH meter if not using the battery (with 1.35mm center hole)


M_2screws.jpg2 metal screws


Use as required. For mounting the computer control unit (CCU) onto wood surface such as the fish stand cabinet


M_tubeset.jpgKalk Reaction chamber outlet tube set (KK.024)

Hand tight it to the chamber




Kalkwasser Reactor Chamber:


Programmable drop-by-drop dosing pump like or slow- drip of kalkwasser output for absolutely minimum pH rise possible!  
1 size fits 20 to 500 gallons tanks

Programmable mixing AND stirring cycles for delivery of supersaturated kalkwasser 100 ml to 10 gal per day!

Never-clog outlet Box holds up to 360g of kalk powder

Air tight but easy to open lid for kalkwasser addition anytime. For 3 gallons per day use, lasts for 3 weeks!

Compact hang-on-tank or hang-on-sump premium strong heat bend acrylic chamber (6.5”Lx3.3”Wx14”H)

Safe 12V DC Pump engineered to work in high  pH

No backflow of kalkwasser even if check valve fails

Computer Control Unit (CCU):


Stir & Feed pumps output timing (or volume) easily adjustable using front panel dials directly

Two dials & 1 button for all programming input

Direct buzzer and LED light interaction with user

Temperature compensated pH controller with remote meter & probe for pH monitoring and user pH limit display

Easy-mount low profile housing (5.5”Lx3.0”Wx1.25”H)

 1 power cord 5 watts kalk dosing and ATO functions



Strong magnetic coupled easy-mount compact float switch assembly for up to 1/2” thick tank glass

Premium and long lasting Check valves for drop-by-drop kalkwasser and fresh water delivery requested by CCU

200 micron silk mesh bag to filter water through pump

12 feet total length of flexible hose

System functions:


Safeguard overdosing with built-in pH controller that allows user to set pH limit (5.5 to 9.5 ) for their tank

Smart ATO to dispense fresh water instead of kalkwasser to the tank when user set pH limit is over

No messy backflow of kalkwasser back to the water reservoir even if check valve fails

User Set: Strong mixing and gentle stirring regimes to guarantee super saturated kalkwasser for every delivery

Programmable volume, alarm buzzer and stop running functions for float switch stuck at ON or OFF cases

Power up functional check 3 pumps & float switch