Kalkwasser Doser + Smart Auto Top Off 

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7 Q: All of a sudden my slurry looks different. Like to close to the top. Its in stir mode. It was a few inchesbon the bottom rwal nice. And now its different like this. Thanks for advise.

7 A: It is the sign that most of the undesolved kalkwasser powder has been used up and is time to refill. With lighter weight to stir, the stir pump just kicks the remaining slurry area much higher towards the top of the chamber!

6 Q: I have a question about a slow evaporation rate and at night I keep getting the status with 5 flashes and the alarm going off. where it says the float switch is stuck in the off position but it because of my slow evaporation at night ... should I adjust the ml/minute or suggestion?

6 A: You can use command 11 and input 6 to extend the float switch stuck at OFF timeout limit to 12 hours. That should correct the issue.

5 Q
: Btw, on the additive side can we use Quick lime (Calcium Oxide) instead of Hydrated Lime (Calcium Hydroxide)? The different between them is it just with water or without? Please advice.

5 A: My concern of using quicklime calcium oxide is it releases a lot of heat when water is added to it, so addition into the chamber directly is highly not recommended as it may damage the pump / impeller.

Also, I don't know how fine the calcium oxide powder is compares to the calcium hydroxide for sales for the aquarium trade. If they are too coarse, it may shorten or damage the life of the stir / mix pump.

Conclusion, do not risk it, just tell users to use commonly available calcium hydroxide only.

4 Q: I'm trying to install my system. 

 I am Calibrating the probe I put it in the first solution and adjusted to 6.86. But when I put it in the second solution it reads 4.14. What am I supposed to do now ?

4 A: You can also look at my calibration video. The reason you need two solutions of pH 6.86 and 4.00 because the reading is not linear meaning you should not get 4.00!

All you have to do is to tune it from 4.14 to 4.00. After that, the calibration process is complete!! Meaning it compensates for the non-linearity so that the measurement is accurate in the full range. Especially between 4.00 to 9.00

So, again, just tune it to 4.00 and you are done and the probe is ready to be used with the Kalk King Doser. 

3 Q: I am interested in one of the king kalk units. how many gallons is it rated for? I want to use it on my 40 gallon but eventually use it on my 200 gallon. 

3 A
The Kalk king is rated from 20 gallons to 500 gallons tank. The basis is water dwell time within the Chamber. Even with 5 gallons per day evaporation rate. The time that fresh RO water entering the chamber before exiting is still around 5 hours! That means more than enough time for the water to be will mixed and becomes saturated Kalk solution. 

2 Q: Okay. I am worried my top off water will syphon out. My RO/Di water which is plumbed in from the kitchen to a 9 gallon suitcase shaped tank.  is mounted above my sump on the wall behind the tank. A pressure style float activates a solenoid and it gravity feeds my sump from there.  would I be better served to move my top off box to the floor?

2 A:  I would think so! Although the check valve that comes with Kalk King actually requires a little bit pressure for it to open up and allow water to get through.

I have a customer who's reservoir is a little bit above the sump too but putting both the feed pump and bypass pump in there seem to work for the customer as when the pumps stop, water doesn't continue to siphon down because the check valves built-in spring seem to block the water.

But again for long term ease of mind in case the check valves should fail, I still strongly recommend putting your 9 gallons reservoir below or at the same floor level as where the sump is.

1 Q: some reefer question on yr tank Mg reading? can yr advice? Below tank video with Kalk king. Also, they are asking whether is this tank KH and CA maintain using only Kalk alone ? What about the Mg level ?

1 A: Every reefer knows that Mg level also needs to be maintained at about 1280 ppm for the lush growth of coral skeleton and helps keeping calcium level at or above 420 ppm.

Kalk King Doser cannot replace magnesium dosing even though Brightwell carries a kalkwasser powder with magnesium and strontium included! Overall, magnesium intake rate by corals is far less than CA++ and CO3--. Many reefers don't even know about the need for magnesium addition as long as they are doing regular water changes!

Since magnesium supplement is so cheap and easy to administrate that I just add a couple teaspoons of magnesium salt into my back sump once every 3 or 4 days. A 10 seconds job versus it would take me hours to prepare and monitor if I had to dose Kalkwasser without Kalk King!

The trick that I can use Kalk King Doser only to maintain my SPS dominated 28 gallons reef tank is to put in a strong fan to aid evaporation rate to about 1.5 gallons a day. With warm weather in California, it also lowers my chiller usage too!

When my corals grow even bigger and more or in the winter when the evaporation rate is lower, there is still one proven method to enhance Kalk King efficiency by up to 30 to 40% by adding 25ml of white 5% vinegar per gallon of RO water into the ATO fresh water reservoir. Along with it, doing extra carbon dosing at the same time too!  For now, Kalk King works like a champ to keep my CA++ reading at about 460 ppm and KH at about 8.6 as measured by Salifert test kits.

Pretty soon, Kalk King will have a lot of happy followers / fans to support my result by using this automatic kalkwasser mixer / stirrer, variable rate water auto top off and integrated ph Controller system.